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26 November 2017 @ 05:26 pm

                                  beautiful graphics by a_cheshire_grin
                                  lovely layout from estiloamor

Grace here. Filipino and from the Philippines,  United Arab Emirates   Qatar!

I'm turning 26 this year! Just a big fan of well written Asian dramas!
Still finding my place in the world...my purpose..
A writer. A daughter and sister. A singer and wannabe teacher! A servant of Yeshua!

It's amazing that I am meeting good friends here!
Thanks to tazi_chan Nee-chan, I've come to love writing and LJ again!
Please feel free to add me and leave a comment so I can add you back!

I'm also honored to be a fan of the best entertainment group---Arashi.
My ichiban is the fishing riidaa!
Don't ask why but I just adore Ohno Satoshi-sama....
Who is your ichiban? Comment and let me know!

             graphics created by Midori-chan a_cheshire_grin

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                twitter: yeshuas_grace
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04 July 2014 @ 05:10 pm
*excitedly waving*

Hello everyone!

Been meaning to update earlier but real life feels like a two-year marathon for me.

Yes, it's my second year anniversary as a resident here in Qatar. What can I say? Living away from my family, doing house-work, driving in this city and managing work makes me one tired (almost) 26-year old! BUT. Living in and out of my everyday here in Doha seems like a fun party or get together with all sorts of "new" people. Feels like everyday is an event that I've been anticipating.

Everyday is filled with meeting interesting and talented people behind the national channel; trying to learn Arabic or French; and challenging myself to be organized, resourceful and creative in producing small segments for the channel. These days, I've been bonding well with some churchmates, and also with fellow bookworms and travel enthusiasts-- so that's a sweet bonus. It definitely feels like I've been constantly running these past 24 months, and so far, every passing scenery has been beautiful and bittersweet.

I haven't been into writing lately because I've been training myself as a producer all this time. Back in the Philippines, my work covers writing content and basic production but here, I've been challenging larger and more glamorous sets; coming up with creative ideas and producing 'unique' and 'original' creative idents or OBBs and looks for various programs. My work now forces me to be more technical in terms of 'ordering' and 'producing' with the proper equipment. Before, I would only 'shoot' or "film' with just whatever and make do with whatever is available. Everything changes with a proper resource for budget, talent to work with the latest filmmakers' equipment available (technical crew), and also talent who will be working on the post-production. I've been bragging that my guy best friend here in Doha is a 3D genius! If our channel was more open, I would definitely upload and make you all see our work!

I had plans of pursuing a Master's, and there's also my 'plan' to be a wife. Both are on hold. Master's would have to wait because work is currently very demanding right now, while 'project wife' would have to wait because there's no groom to marry. I'm extremely happy, and I rate my happiness 10/10 though I'm not dating anyone but it does hit me from time to time that I'm been single for quite some time already.

For now I'm busy dating myself and been fulfilled with traveling. I will never forget my roaming around and enjoying Sentosa alone in SG for my 25th birthday; or visiting and just relaxing, getting away from my somewhat stressful self in Jeju Island and Nami Island; and oh, did I almost die from wanting to shop shoes and more shoes and bags and clothes and whatever is beautiful and unique in Seoul! And ohhhhh.. the best rewards in life.. My true love found in onsen back in Hakone, Japan. I still can't choose where I'd want to live because I really love Osaka, Tokyo and Kyoto equally. My sister and I visited Chiba for a bit and enjoyed great Chinese cuisine served in Keikarou, yes, Aiba-chan's family's restaurant. In my next visit, I'd love to stay in Fukuoka and Hokkaido and just lose myself to the whole experience.

Going back and worth the United Arab Emirates, and visiting Hong Kong again made me remember all the good times I've spent with my family too. Last Christmas and New Year was special because it was my first time to be home in the Philippines after two years of spending them in the Middle East.

I will always be thankful that I finally saw Arashi in their Nagoya Love concert and I'm praying that I could get the chance to visit them in their 5x15 concert too! I believe that would be sooo exciting!

I haven't been active that much in dramaland, but I fully enjoyed Saikou no Rikon, Border, Rich Man, Poor Woman, Shinigami-kun, and Kazuku Game. Lately I've caught up with my korean dramas too, and since I loveeee action, I'm currently enjoying Joseon Gunman and I had a great time watching Two Weeks and You're All Surrounded. Good Doctor was an amazing Medical drama too. Master's Sun was definitely a winner with all the ghosts and forced skinship of the leads! If you guys want to laugh (don't know why but I'm soooo amused with the leads), maybe you can check out Fated to Love You korean version.. first two eps and it's all fun and sweet already!

Hope to catch up again with you all! Will make efforts to write you all since I've been missing our talks alot!

Hope all is well and beautiful with you too!
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15 September 2013 @ 08:52 am

*all awesome graphics from one of the best communities ever oh_no_ohno

can't let go of this man! I will forever adore Yano Kenta~

or this group 

(to those who haven't seen this movie yet---you sure are missing a lot! Watch Kiiroi Namida now!) *__^


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17 July 2013 @ 02:30 pm

 awesome kawaii graphics from the best comm oh_no_ohno

Few words to express my thoughts towards Korean dramas:
Secret Garden
Dream High
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho


now fishin' beautiful dramasCollapse )

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27 August 2012 @ 09:06 pm


because the future they envision is beautifulCollapse )

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   I adore you together... Enomoto and Aoto!! ^_____^ 

what kind of romances have you experienced so far?? Collapse )

I'd like to believe Aoto is blessed to have Enomoto! She has someone really good to help solve locked room cases, and now she has a reliable 'interesting' friend to listen to her woes! Now I want an Enomoto!! You deserve him too <3

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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21 April 2012 @ 08:54 am
And yes, it's gotta be the leads and cinematography of the drama. My ichiban Ohno Satoshi-san and an actress I really admire..

More beautiful pics from ep1.... <3Collapse )

Even I would give him that stare... 

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25 January 2012 @ 01:22 am

Happy blessed birthday Sakurai Sho-sama!! 
You must know that you are beyond amazing and you inspire people across many nations!! 
Stay smart and continue to surprise the world with your awesomeness~~ 

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26 November 2011 @ 09:41 pm

Thank you for sharing your gifts with us through Arashi. 
Thank you for inspiring and memorable melodies and dance. 
Thank you for just showing your face and for smiling everyday. 
Thank you for being reliable and hard-working. 
Thank you for staying humble after all you have achieved. 
Thank you for simply shining bright enough for me to appreciate music and life. 
greetings from all over the world is overwhelming...it warmed my heartCollapse )

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19 November 2011 @ 06:46 pm
Arigatou Papa, Sayonara.
Good life starring Sorimachi Takashi and Kabe Amon... just another Japanese drama. Well, not quite.
If you truly know me, then you'd know that I enjoy all dramas. But it's so rare that a drama's characters come knocking it's way to my heart, and I never want to forget or be released from them. I want them to stay, never leaving my side as I continue life and my journey with the strength from getting to know them. 
Sorimachi-san will always be special since he was the actor from my first ever J-dorama. And here he goes again, winning me all over as a struggling father in the Good life's story. 
Thank you drama and all actors for giving me joy these days. I will treasure you forever! 
and thank you Meya-san
suwana for introducing me to them. 

                                  all beautiful photos from Meya dear suwana

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